Britney Spears by Alexandra Wyman/ Britney Spears by Alexandra Wyman/

When La Spears called Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show yesterday to plug her new album, she insisted that it didn't bother her that a lot of folks think there are hobos who would make better parents than her. "It's sad how people... how cruel our world can be," she drawled. "But at the end of the day, you gotta know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can."

Bless him, Seacrest then asked the obvious follow-up: Um, are you doing your best with your sons? "Oh god, yeah, yeah," she answered, sending a shudder through Child Protective Services case workers everywhere. But, according to, she had no idea when she would next be seeing her young'uns. "My lawyers know about all that," she said, then, the website noted, passed the phone to her gal pals and hopped in the shower.

Comeback of the year, gang. Comeback of the year. - Ben Katner