Move over, Martha Stewart! A new domestic goddess has descended from the heavens, and, with the Oscars approaching faster than paparazzi at a J.Lo sighting, she is eager to impart her wisdom to starlets who might confuse the value of a frock with its likelihood to shock. "You know what I always say?" Brini Maxwell tells TV Guide Online. "Take one last look at yourself before you step out of your hotel room, and make sure when you take that look that it's a critical look."

Perhaps picturing the gawdy get-ups that have made certain spotlight lovers laughingstocks rather than trendsetters, the hostess of Style Network's delightful new Brini Maxwell Show can't refrain from tittering. "Grab attention, yes," she encourages Hollywood's A-list lovelies. "But grab attention by looking beautiful."

Unlike well-loathed media vultures who have carved out careers in fashion victimization, soft-spoken Maxwell prefers offering advice to hurling insults. As a result, a half-hour in her company is as soothing as a cup of chamomile tea. "I don't like this quote-unquote in-your-face [type] of presenting information," says the nostalgia buff, whose gracious demeanor recalls a kinder, gentler time. "I am coming into people's living rooms, so I would like them to feel that I am the kind of person that they'd like to have in their living room."

Mission accomplished — with flair! In this week's episode (airing tonight at 10 ET), the born do-it-yourselfer shares tips for planning the perfect, personal bridal shower, from furniture arrangement to finger foods. And, lest viewers hesitate to get attached to the New York cable-access grad for fear that, like her predecessor, her reputation will be tarnished by scandal, she insists with a smile, "There are no skeletons in my closet. I don't dabble in the stock market, so that's not really an issue."

So, in spite of Maxwell's connection to mystery man Ben Sander, with whom she developed her screen persona, perhaps she really is just the "simple homemaker" that she purports to be. Then again, maybe not. When pressed, she elects to make a startling confession of her own volition before her audience learns the truth from a supermarket tabloid. "I don't know why I'm even telling you this," she begins, then pauses, rethinking her decision to come clean, and finally blurts out her big secret: "I'm not a natural blond."