Bridge and Tunnel Bridge and Tunnel

A trailer for MTV's famously shelved pre-Jersey Shore belligerence fest Bridge & Tunnel has leaked and ... it looks like Jersey Shore. This week's Village Voice cover story is about the show, which was shot before Shore in 2009. It was scheduled to air in October 2010 and yanked from the lineup a month before the scheduled premiere, with 12 episodes in the can. The Voice unearthed the pilot and describes it as "excellent and heartfelt, a verité testament to lower-middle-class insularity that conjures Saturday Night Fever's desperate ennui," but that observation sounds sarcastic. Surely, it's sarcastic! The preview provides several flavors of confrontation, and none look particularly tasty. In the wake of Jersey Shore histrionics, all of this has a been-there-done-that vibe. However, the Bridge & Tunnel trailer can be appreciated as glimpse into a bizarro reality: Brianna and Gabriella DeBartoli could have been our Snooki and J-Woww. In other words, they could've been pop culture royalty.

VIDEO: A preview of Jersey Shore's Italian fourth season

Watch the trailer: