Brian Cox Brian Cox

Emmy winner Brian Cox has landed two major roles on NBC: the first to co-star opposite Katee Sackhoff on Dick Wolf-produced drama pilot Lost and Found, and the second is a juicy four-episode arc on the midseason drama series Kings.

As reported previously, Lost and Found centers on Sackhoff's character, an offbeat LAPD detective who works on John Doe and Jane Doe cases out of the basement.

Cox will play Tessa's fractious partner, Burt Macey, "a foul-mouthed, racist dinosaur of a cop who does things the old-fashioned way" says The Hollywood Reporter.

On Kings, Cox will play King Silas' (Ian McShane) nemesis, the former King Vesper (trying not to insert Spaceballs joke here).

Which of these two shows are you looking forward to more? Do you hope for a McShane/Cox throw-down on Kings, like we do?