Brian Bonsall Brian Bonsall

Former Family Ties star Brian Bonsall has been sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to charges stemming from a 2009 case, The Associated Press reports.

Bonsall was arrested in December in Boulder, Colo., in connection with a fight with a friend. He pleaded guilty to felony menacing and third-degree assault in Boulder on Thursday.

Family Ties star Brian Bonsall arrested over assault

The 28-year-old also pleaded guilty to violating terms of probation by testing positive for marijuana. He had pleaded guilty in 2007 to assaulting his girlfriend. He was sentenced to five days in the county jail's work-release program and 40 hours of community service for the probation violation.Bonsall, who played Andy Keaton on Ties, has also appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation and in the movies Father Hood and Blank Check