Brew Dogs Brew Dogs

As delicious as beer is, it isn't exactly the most nutritious beverage of choice (see: beer bellies). But the geniuses at Esquire's Brew Dogs have answered the wishes of so many beer drinkers worldwide by finding a way to make beer and burning calories go hand-in-hand (no, really).

TV's biggest drunks

In this exclusive sneak peek from Wednesday's Season 2 premiere (9/8c), hosts James Watt and Martin Dickie travel to Durham, N.C., to make the world's most caloric beer. And these guys aren't messing around; the concoction includes bacon, ice cream and maple syrup. To offset some of those many calories (and the inevitable guilt), the duo has also devised a machine that lets people brew beer while also burning calories. Bonus points because it's also a form of transportation!

Check out their revolutionary creation in the video below:

Brew Dogs Exclusive Sneak Peek

Enjoy beer without all the guilt?! Check out this video to find out how

Brew Dogs airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Esquire Network.