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Just six months ago, Bret Michaels was recovering from a near-fatal brain hemorrhage, a health scare that could have cast an ironic pall over the title of his new VH1 reality series, Life as I Know It (premiering tonight at 10/9c). Thankfully, the rocker survived, emerging with a renewed commitment to his career and to his girlfriend Kristi Gibson and their two daughters, Raine and Jorja. "The whole idea of this show is my struggle to find a balance between my love of family and my love for music," he says. Rock on.

TV Guide Magazine: How is your health now?
Michaels: If before the brain hemorrhage I was 100 percent, then I'd say I'm running at 75 to 80 percent now. I think that after I have the operation to close a hole in my heart in January, I'll feel a lot better.

TV Guide Magazine: What will Life teach us about you that we don't already know?
Michaels: You'll see my true effort to be a really good dad and the relationship that Kristi and I have. We have a great love and respect for each other, but as the song says, "Loving a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be."

TV Guide Magazine: Do you and Kristi live together?
Michaels: We do now. Obviously, when I was doing Rock of Love, we were officially apart at that point! [Laughs] But we always find our way back to each other.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you have any reservations about having your kids on camera?
Michaels: For sure. But I'm the executive producer and I go out of my way to protect them. I told the kids, "Be yourself, have fun and do what you want to do. Just be who we are."

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