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After battling the aliens of V, Bret Harrison takes on a much more entertaining mission in the sharply written, action-injected comedy Breaking In, about a high-tech security team, costarring Christian Slater and Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum. Here, the always affable actor serves up some advance intel.

TV Guide Magazine: Your character, Cameron, is a world-class computer hacker. Are you tech savvy?
Harrison: Not at all. All of my passwords have to be stored on my phone.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you surprised that a sitcom would also have so much action?
Harrison: That's why I was excited about this show! It's so cool that we're doing a half-hour action-comedy... People have said it's The A-Team meets The Office. We're like spy guys, but we're idiots at the same time.

TV Guide Magazine: Can you leak any info on the season?
Harrison: We have an episode devoted to The Goonies. [It's] a full-on fanboy episode where we go to Comic-Con... We're hired to deliver Goonies 2: The Legend of Sloth in time for the premiere and, of course, we lose it. Michael Rosenbaum literally turns into Sloth.

TV Guide Magazine: That's gotta be a sight.
Harrison: First of all, Rosenbaum is a crazy person and I love him to death. He is so good with improvising.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you guys improv a lot on the show?
Harrison: Quite a bit. We did an episode with Alyssa Milano that was improvised so much... She did great! And Rosenbaum kills it. Most of his scene in the pilot was improv.

TV Guide Magazine: Now, what if V gets renewed?
Harrison: That's a recurring contract, so this would be first position.

TV Guide Magazine: We kind of expected you to die in the V finale.
Harrison: [Laughs] I was so pissed when I didn't!

Breaking In airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

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