Scrubs courtesy Paul Drinkwater/NBC Scrubs courtesy Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The real-life drama surrounding the fate of my beloved Scrubs just took another wild turn.

Sources are confirming a story in The Hollywood Reporter that ABC is in talks to pick up as many as 18 episodes of Scrubs.

The move came after negotiations between NBC and ABC Studios, which produces Scrubs, broke down. The two sides had been trying to hash out a deal that would've allowed the show to have a proper send-off in May.

Now, a couple of big questions:

" Would an ABC pickup mean Scrubs would end next season? Answer: yes. "The episodes will be shot right away," whispers an insider, "and will be ready to air in the fall."

" Will Zach Braff be in any of them, considering his deal expires this season? Answer: "The cast is all onboard," maintains the source. "And that includes Zach."

" Will NBC air the five pre-strike episodes as scheduled beginning April 10? And, just to screw with ABC, will they bill the fifth one as the series finale? Answer: yes to the first question, and not sure about the second - although I wouldn't put it past them!

" Is this whole thing a negotiations ploy on ABC's part? Answer: perhaps. "We've gone through this every year for the past two seasons," says one source, "and then NBC ends up picking the show up."

" What does all this mean for Dr. Kim's insanely irresistible obstetrician? Answer: Eighteen more opportunities to return! Woo-hoo!