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What do you get when you mix Goonies fandom, a Xena: Warrior Princess costume, Avatar blue paint and 130,000 plus comic book convention attendees together?

"The geekiest episode so far" of Breaking In, star Odette Annable tells

On Wednesday's episode, airing at 9:30/8:30c on Fox, the Contra Security team travels to Comic-Con International in San Diego to protect the (sadly, fictional) first print of Goonies 2. In order to stay undercover and protect the print, the team must dress in costume just like the attendees, so expect to see Avatar and Chewbacca-wannabes and a Xena: Warrior Princess doppelgänger, courtesy of Annable.

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Although the episode wasn't actually shot on location at the famous comic book convention, the cast had plenty of first-hand experience to draw from.

"I've been before, actually, and it's just so wild," Annable says. "Everybody has their expectations about Comic-Con and what it's going to be, but I really think that we took it there and we made Comic-Con happen on the screen."

Yes, Annable donned a Xena costume for the episode, but her favorite part of the series has been getting her hands dirty on the cases, ranging from gigs for celebrities like Jimmie Johnson and Mike Tyson, to getting their hands on KFC's secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

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"That was really one of the things that attracted me to the role, because I had read a lot of pilots, and it was just a lot of the same, 'Pretty girl, lets' just stick her wherever and that will be it,'" Annable says. "But this, I actually have a job to do. She's an essential part of the team and she's a smart, witty girl."

Many of her co-workers seem to agree, as Melanie has found herself in the middle of an office love triangle. So will Cameron (Bret Harrison) will ever be able to steal Melanie away from her obnoxious-jerk-by-day, romantic-boyfriend-by-night Dutch (Michael Rosenbaum)?

"Deep down, she knows that he is who he is, but she's unapologetic about it and I love that about her," Annable says. "[With Cameron], it's not that she is thinking about leaving her boyfriend, it's just that affection and complete awe that Cameron has for Melanie, she really likes it and she appreciates it."

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Teases Annable: "Who knows, Dutch may really screw up and then she'll say, 'Alright, enough.'"

Whether fans get to see that stage in Melanie and Dutch's relationship remains to be seen since Fox has yet to renew Breaking In for a second season.  "It's out of our hands at this point, and all we can hope for is that the fans keep watching and that we continue to gain some viewers," Annable says. "Hopefully we'll get a Season 2, because I know for a fact that whatever we have this season, it's just even going to get better next season. There are so many endless possibilities with this show."

Who knows, maybe they'll even make it down to San Diego this summer.

"We're headed toward Comic-Con," Annable says with a laugh.