Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad

In this season of Breaking Bad, it's clear that Skyler means business.

She's kicked meth-making husband Walt (Bryan Cranston) out of the house, slapped him with divorce papers and won't let him anywhere near the family. But you have to wonder: Why is Skyler OK with her boss, Ted, stealing from his company, but not with Walt's drug cooking as a means to provide for his family?

Anna Gunn, the actress who plays the troubled wife and mother, stopped by to answer that question, and explain why she thinks Ted (Christopher Cousins) and her job are such a" lifeline" for Skyler.

Breaking Bad: Can Walt repair his broken marriage?

Plus: Gunn, 41, tells us what we can expect for Skyler and her changing family dynamic."Everybody in this series has, or is, going to break bad in their own way," Gunn says. "And this is the season where that starts happening for her." Watch the video: