Shear Genius by Trae Patton/Bravo Shear Genius by Trae Patton/Bravo

Three of Bravo's shows this week broke records for the net in a trifecta of ratings records.

Project Runway's Season 5 opener on Wednesday strutted its stuff as the highest-rated season premiere ever in the network's history, pulling in almost three million total viewers. The hair-styling masterminds of Shear Genius, meanwhile, broke the two million mark in viewers with its fourth eppy the same night, becoming the fifth-ever Bravo show to make that cut.

The manic world that is Flipping Out also reached a series first, reeling in more than one million viewers. Were you contributing to some of these record-breaking numbers? Which Bravo shows are Genius to you? For some of us, ahem, the summer obsession started with Jackie Warner and her squats, months ago. - Anna Dimond

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