The brats got a dose of intense struggle this week, followed by some growth. But back to the struggle... Solo camping was on the agenda  three creepy, weepy dark nights and bright days of self-reflection. And all the kids had was an emergency whistle and their camping packs. Heather compared the experience to The Blair Witch Project. When I saw 14-year-old Derek through the green-tinted night-cam sobbing in his sleeping bag, I agreed. But hey, at least there was no mucus! Mountain Wind paralleled Derek's saga to learning "how to swim while you're drowning." True indeed, and Jada needs to drown as well, er, I mean, struggle, in order even to begin her journey of self-awareness. She wrote yet another dishonest, manipulative letter to her folks. It was quite effective: They spoke to program director Flying Eagle to discuss pulling her from the camp. Curious creatures, parents are, as an earlier letter from Jada claiming that she broke her hand did not trigger the same reaction. Considering the counselors' threats regarding Christmas... well, mark Jada down as naughty. I've checked my list. Better still, allow everyone else to graduate prior to the holidays so she can go solo for the rest of the program. As the show's narrator commented, "[R]esident drama-queen Jada is wasting her time bellyaching." But everyone else progressed the solo days were filled with epiphany moments. Even Glacier thawed, as he connected with Lexie about a demon they share! If a Glacier can thaw, anything can happen!