They weren't as savvy as winners Chip and Kim — nor as scarily intense as Colin and Christie — but Brandon and Nicole had the potential to pull off an upset victory on The Amazing Race. Ultimately, the religiously minded models finished third, a strong showing considering the stiff competition. With the globe-trotting contest behind them, they're already looking ahead to their next gigs. And no, they're not mad at God over their loss. Well, one of them might be....

TVGO: Was it hard to watch the finale knowing the outcome?
It's hard to watch and see yourself not win. Last night kind of reopened the wound.
Nicole: I'm used to not winning, so it wasn't as hard for me. Brandon's always on top, but I've come in third a couple of times — Miss USA, The Amazing Race... Third's just my lucky number. Good things come from third place. [Laughs]

TVGO: How'd it feel when you learned the Dallas flight had been delayed?
I was like, "It all comes down to one plane ride? Brandon and I have run this race so hard, and Brandon could physically outrun or outdo anyone in any challenges. And it all comes down to a plane being fogged out?" We just looked at each other like, "What the heck?" It just seemed that no matter how hard we ran, no matter what we did, it came down to luck. It had nothing to do with who was better or who was more deserving, it came down to who got lucky. And Chip and Kim only got lucky because they were in last place. I think that was the discouraging part of it.
Brandon: I think things could have been different for us if we hadn't checked those boxes. If we hadn't done that, we could have switched airlines, got on Chip and Kim's flight and run the race with them. But we don't choose to kick ourselves over that because we had absolutely no idea.

TVGO: Do you regret not shaving your heads for that Fast Forward task in India?
We're glad we didn't, looking back at it. When we left the bricks to go to the Fast Forward, it took us two hours just to get there. So by the time we arrived, we thought there was a good chance the other teams would already have finished and be at the pit stop.
Nicole: If they would have had a $1 million check on the table for us, we would have shaved our heads. I would have shaved Brandon's head and mine for $1 million! But the fact is, they wanted us to shave our heads for a one-in-four chance of winning $1 million — and it's not worth it, because hopefully our careers are more lucrative than that in the end. With Brandon being a model and me being an actress, that is all based on our look and appearance, unfortunately. There's no way I would have given that up for a chance to win $1 million.

TVGO: Your spirituality came up a lot. Was that an accurate depiction of your faith?
There were things that were taken out of context, but overall, Nicki and I feel they were pretty fair about who we are and what's important to us in the way of our faith. And we understand that they have to tell a story quickly and they have to characterize the teams quickly, so I give them some leeway there. Ultimately, I feel that He's got things planned out for us. We don't know what they are, but you always hope. We believe that the Lord is a father and that he wants the best for us. We don't always know what the best is. Maybe we don't need $1 million right now. Maybe it would spoil us or keep us from going in a direction that we wouldn't otherwise go.
Nicole: Speak for yourself. I could use $1 million right now!

TVGO: Any personal updates? Are you engaged like Colin and Christie?
[Laughs] No. Work's been good for me. I've been busy.
Nicole: I just shot for Days of our Lives and I've got a couple of things in the works. One thing that I'm hopeful of is The Young and the Restless. I actually booked that show in July, but I couldn't do it because of The Amazing Race. So I've waited all this time and they're willing to see me again. I'm hopeful that they'll offer me a contract. I've just been waiting because I haven't been able to do anything, with the race [going on]. Now that it's over, no one is holding me back!