Things are not looking good for Brandi Glanville's future on The Real Housewives of BeverlyHills.

The always outspoken reality star further alienated herself from her fellow castmates Tuesday night when she threw wine in the face of new cast member and soap star Eileen Davidson.

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Brandi, who is a die-hard Days of Our Lives fan, was not happy when Eileen refused to perform as her Days character during an intimate dinner with co-stars Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Foster. "What am I, a circus seal?" Eileen moaned.

"I'm gonna throw a drink on you in one second," Brandi threatened, before tossing her white wine in Eileen's face just as Lisa was congratulating the actress on winning an Emmy.

After the episode aired, Brandi appeared on Watch What Happens Live with fellow Bravo star, Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis. At one point during the broadcast, a fan requested Brandi to run her hands through Jeff's hair to prove he doesn't wear a toupee. "Can I get an STD from that?" Jeff quipped.

Later in the episode, Brandi interrupted host Andy Cohen to address Jeff's comment. "Before you do this, I have something to say to Jeff about the whole 'Can you get an STD?' about me putting my hands through your hair," Brandi began. "But as long as we wet it, I think we'll be fine," she said, tossing the remnants of her wine on Jeff.

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Brandi then refused to discuss the situation, "because I'm so upset. I don't want to cry right now." Andy pointed out the two had been chatting during the commercial break and seemed fine. "I told him that wasn't cool and he said, 'I was joking' and I said that you don't say that to somebody," Brandi defended. She then admitted Jeff had apologized to her during the commercial break.

"I'm really sorry. I was joking," Jeff apologized again, as Brandi broke down in tears. "Why am I apologizing? I got wine all over me."

Brandi continued to cry with her back to the camera, speaking up only to say that she's "taking five," telling Jeff not to touch her and to correct him that she had written two books, not one.