It's been 20 years since Chris Knight — aka The Brady Bunch's Peter — has been active in showbiz (not including various Brady-related projects). But after a successful career in the computer industry, the man who made "pork chops and applesauce" part of the pop-culture lexicon is putting himself out there again. First, he got in shape on Discovery Health Channel's Body Challenge: Hollywood. Later, VH1's The Surreal Life (Sundays at 9 pm/ET) kindly provided him with a new — and much younger — girlfriend. (For more on his unexpected coupling with America's Next Top Model's Adrianne Curry, click here.) Here, the Brady boy dishes the Surreal dirt...

TV Guide Online: You're "the stable one" this Surreal season, much like Erik Estrada was last year. Coincidentally, you did Body Challenge together before this.
Chris Knight:
When we were doing the

Body Challenge, Erik exited for two weeks to do Surreal Life. So [before doing this show,] I called Erik and I called Dave Coulier [the Full House alum from Season 3]. They both said, "Definitely do it, but be very careful." And, most importantly, "Don't drink." Um, I drank after four hours. There was just no way to live in that house without drinking. Luckily, I never really got out of hand — I think. Although Adrianne seems to tell me that maybe I did. But she says I'm a cute drunk, so I guess that's OK.

TVGO: In the first episode, rapper Da Brat comes to get you after the drunk, naked Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me) has just urinated outside your door. Were you thinking, "Get me out of here"?
It was, like, "Uh, OK... eleven more days of this? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to handle that." [At least] there's nothing boring about being there. I suffer a little ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), so the environment was liberating because they took care of everything. You don't have a wallet, you don't get to drive, you don't get to decide what you're doing; they create your environment. For someone like me, that means that I can be distracted by less.

TVGO: With The Surreal Life behind you, what will you do next?
I'll be doing a movie in March. It's a low-budget film by Bryan Michael Stoller, an independent filmmaker. I want fictional or scripted programming — movies, sitcoms, I don't care... I wouldn't mind hosting stuff, but I'd rather not. I think that might be an endgame. I'm hoping that, out of this, I'll end up having a seat at the table as an adult.

TVGO: During TV Land's recent Brady reunion, Maureen McCormick said she found you "very attractive" back then.
News to me! For five years, we drove in to the studio together because her mom couldn't drive and we lived near each other. And all I was there for was to help Barry [Williams] get access.

TVGO: Did you just say "get action"?
No. Well, "action" ultimately, but [I said] "access." She had no time for Barry and his Don Juan [act] because she was too young for it. She was just too numb to it, and that just really, really frustrated him.

TVGO: What would you give to never have a fan sing "Time to Change" to you again?
Oh, let 'em. You know something? In reality, it's always time to change. There's really an interesting, significant message there, wrapped in a schmaltzy little tune. If it makes their day, go right ahead. I'm immune to it at this point.