Rachel Zoe Rachel Zoe

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is back for Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project (Tuesday, 10/9c, Bravo) with her relentlessly adorable No. 2, Brad Goreski, by her well-accessorized side.

TV Guide Magazine: How's Team Zoe?

Rachel: We have a really special family bond—Brad, myself and Rodger [Berman, her husband]. I'm lucky, because I basically have two husbands!

Brad: We have the best time, although maybe not in the first episode. But we turned the beat around and did an amazing shoot with Demi Moore!

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of drama, former head assistant Taylor Jacobson is gone...and she may have screwed you over?

Rachel: I can't give away too much, but the truth is revealed.

TV Guide Magazine: Brad, what can you tell us about Rachel that we don't see on TV?

Brad: Rachel just has a light inside of her. Aside from fashion, she's passionate about life and the people in her life

TV Guide Magazine: And Rachel, how'd you find the best employee ever?

Rachel: I had about 50 people saying, "Brad really wants to work with you." So when I finally got an opening, he was the only person I interviewed. It was love at first sight.

Brad: I was also so persistent, I was getting borderline creepy.

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