Brad Paisley Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley, who bares it all in some of his songs, won't be baring it all for Playgirl magazine.

The country singer and soon-to-be CMA host tells Michigan country station B-93.7 he's turned down offers from the risqué publication on more than one occasion.

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"I've actually turned that down," Paisley, 36, says. "They've asked a few times, and no. They can forget it ... No way. Not in a million years. That's just not what I'm about."

Paisley, who has two children with his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, says he's not modest about his body; it's his young, female fans he's worried about.

"I've got a lot of fans that are teenage girls here and there, and I don't want them buying that magazine just because I'm in it," he says. "I'm not going to promote that magazine. It's garbage. I'm sure there are fantastic articles, but that's not what I'm about."