Bold statement: Boy Band is the most important reality show of the summer.

Sure, Big Brother has the ratings and Bachelor in Paradise has the drama, but Boy Band is the reality TV lover's wet dream of nostalgia, singing breakouts and emotional manipulation and it is everything we need right now. Last week's series premiere briefly introduced us to the young men trying to become the next pop sensation and gave us an even quicker taste of the competition to come, but Week 2 really let us sink into what this show is and I. am. here. for. it.

Week 2 focused on Reverb — the vocal powerhouse group — and dug in deep to their rehearsal process before one of their own was sent home. Andrew Bloom, Camry Jackson, Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Jaden Gray and Jon Klassen were assigned a jazzy reimagined version of Rihanna's tempered ballad, "Stay." All six of these boys can sing and proved that in their solo auditions, so the tough part became learning to blend their voices together and learning to emotionally connect with the song to give them that vocal edge.

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Each of the boys was asked to share what the song means to them and to find their own personal hook into the lyrics. Sob stories! They all came up with some good stuff but the winner winner chicken dinner of this segment was definitely Chance Perez.

The 19-year old father broke down when he associated the somber number to his break-up with his daughter's mother. This gave fans at home the most important information about him — he's single he's a sensitive heartthrob, which everyone knows is the best kind. From the moment he walked out onto the stage for his solo audition, we knew Chance was hot but this week deepened his backstory in the perfect way and gave fans an emotional reason to vote for him. Remember, it's America who will decide who makes the final band so winning over the hearts now is crucial come the live shows in two weeks.

Chance Perez, <em>Boy Band</em>Chance Perez, Boy Band

When it came to the live performance, Reverb undoubtedly blew Uplift's Bruno Mars performance last week out of the water. They were calmer and vocally in tune. It was a more dynamic performance with all the emotional feels you want from a boy band ballad — but someone had to go home.

Brady, Camry and Jaden were vocally dominant in the performance and secured their spots pretty easily. The architects attempted to give me a heart attack by saving Chance fourth, leaving it down to the two rock guys Andrew and Jon.

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Maybe to no one's surprise, Jon didn't make it to the next round. His look has always been a little too edgy for a polished group and multi-tasking in the performance with playing piano and trying to out-sing the other guys didn't work out in his favor. The panel advised that he try producing in the future, and that could be a way better look for him.

Next week it's Six Track's turn to take the stage and let me tell you, I am beyond excited to see what they have planned in those coordinated white outfits. Then it's on to the live shows where America gets to vote who makes it to the next stage of the competition.

Boy Band continues Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.