Converting on months of Internet hype in the way Snakes on a Plane couldn't, Cloverfield topped the weekend box office with $41 million, besting Star Wars: Special Edition's 11-year-old record for a January debut. ( Watch the Cloverfield trailer here.)

Katherine Heigl's 27 Dresses was not a bride but a bridesmaid, coming in second with $22.4 mil.

Rounding out the top five were The Bucket List ($15.2 mil), Juno ($10.3 mil) and National Treasure 2 ($8.1 mil).

Mad Money reaped anything but, stealing just $7.7 mil to land at No. 7.

What's your take on any of the new releases? Already we've had at least one reader email us about needing to step out for an "illness" break during Cloverfield, thanks to the jittery camerawork. And while 27 Dresses was stood up by many critics, filmgoers really seemed to RSVP.