He may not have been the most memorable contestant on The Apprentice, but fourth ouster Bowie Hogg has a personality as big as his home state of Texas. Here, he sounds off on his fellow competitors, rationalizes his expulsion, describes his dream woman and answers the show's $1 million question: What happens to the rejects after they get in that cab?

TV Guide Online: Other than a certain legendary rock star, Bowie is a rather unusual name. Is there a story behind it? Bowie Hogg: I was the youngest of four boys — my three older brothers have totally normal names — and I guess with the fourth one they couldn't decide on a name. My birth sticker from the hospital says "Boy Hogg," and they couldn't decide. For two weeks I had no name! And then my brother Jim was playing peek-a-boo as a joke and it stuck.

TVGO: You called Sam a "cancer" in the group. Don't you think that was a bit harsh? Hogg: No, I don't. He and I are actually good friends and Sam is really over the top. Sam knew from the very first episode that I was trying to get him fired because this show was all about teamwork. He was not willing to work with the team at all. He was not listening to our ideas. I said to him, "Sam, I appreciate people who rock the boat, but you're trying to sink the boat."

TVGO: Is Carolyn really as tough as she seems on TV? Hogg: Carolyn is very, very tough. I can understand why Mr. Trump hired her. Carolyn is very business; she's very focused. She has a good little sense of humor, but you've really got to work to pull it out of her. She is very tough, but she's actually a very caring young lady. She sees right through you, your good points and your strong points, and she also sees your weak points.

TVGO: In reference to your assignment, Planet Hollywood is so 1991. Were you bitter about taking the fall for not selling more cheesy merchandise? Hogg: To make it worse, the merchandise they were selling was their Fright Fest shirts, which had Freddy vs. Jason on them. They're shirts that I would never buy and it's really tough to sell a product that you don't believe in.

TVGO: Now that you've been axed and you're out of the Board Room, how did you really feel about Kwame and Troy's questionable sales tactics with the autographed basketballs? Hogg: At the start I didn't have a problem because they were giving away free autographs. But when they started selling basketballs and baseballs to little kids who could be my niece or nephew for $15, that's when I started to have a real problem with it. I wouldn't want my little niece or nephew to have one of those. If that's what you have to do to win, then we shouldn't win. And if that's why I was fired, because I wouldn't go along with it, then that's fine.

TVGO: Why didn't you try to dissuade them? Hogg: We actually tried to dissuade them, and Troy was very passionate, saying, "We are not breaking the rules. We are not misleading anyone because we did not say that Kwame is a professional athlete." But when you think Kwame is from the University of North Carolina and UNC is known for its basketball team, it's completely implied, even though you may not say it. They were implying that Kwame is a professional athlete. I kept on doing my promotion my way.

TVGO: You looked pretty upset when you were getting in the elevator. Were there any tears on the way down? Hogg: I wasn't upset at all in the elevator because Mr. Trump was so complimentary of me. He said very nice things. He said, "Bowie, I see a lot in you." Carolyn made a positive comment about me; George made a positive comment about me. Obviously, I earned the respect of those three people, but for some reason Mr. Trump felt that I had to go. Maybe it's because he wants to see how Nick would react to the rest of the team. Maybe he wanted to see how much Nick was not a team player.

TVGO: Where does the cab take you after you're fired? Hogg: I joined the other guys who'd been fired. We stayed in a hotel together, which was a lot of fun. I got a free month in New York City living off of Mr. Trump and Mr. Burnett. We got to go out all the time. I got to see stuff I'd never get to [see]. And Mr. Trump still let us meet with his senior advisers and people from his company; they taught us a lot about the commercial real estate business. And that's what we were really there for: to learn.

TVGO: Have you kept in touch with any of the other contestants? Hogg: I've kept in touch with all of them. In fact, I think if you ask any of the contestants who gets along with everyone, I think it would have to be me. I didn't have any enemies.

TVGO: Have you been approached about a reunion special? Hogg: I have no idea about that. Who knows? They keep us very last-minute on things like that.

TVGO: What have you been up to since the show ended? Hogg: I've been pursuing motivational speaking. I did some speaking before I got on the show and now I'm really getting into it. And I'm starting to look for another job. I quit my job to go on the show and I'm actually unemployed right now. I love the corporate world. It's a lot of fun and I'd like to go back to it.

TVGO: At the very end of your NBC bio, you mentioned that you had a crush on Betty Boop. Care to elaborate? Hogg: She was the prettiest cartoon character. She was so sexy and she didn't really say a whole lot, and every guy was entranced by her and really focused on her. She always had the best guys going for her. I completely had a crush on her. And you can't keep me away from a tight black dress. That's probably why I was distracted during the show, because of what all the girls there were wearing.