Rob Mariano Rob Mariano

Hide your Segway. Survivor and The Amazing Race alum "Boston Rob" Mariano is circumnavigating the globe in a creative way.

Mariano and four-time Monster Jam world champ Dennis Anderson will co-host the upcoming series Around the World in 80 Ways for the History Channel, it was announced Monday.

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In the 10-part series, the two adventurers will be challenged to make it around the world using 80 different modes of transportation, no repeats. Expect to see them travel by blimp, ostrich, canoe, hitchhiking and fighter jet.

"This series captures History's commitment to highly compelling entertainment within a historical framework," History's Dirk Hoogstra said in a statement. "The dynamic between our two hosts will make for great television, while viewers can journey around the world with them to explore the ingenuity of travel in every era, throughout all stages of technological advances."

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The series is set to premiere later in 2011.

Mariano got his first taste of reality show fame on Survivor: Marquesas in 2002. Since then, he's returned to the reality franchise three more times, including the current Redemption Island installment, and has competed on The Amazing Race twice. Anderson, a racer who's won more than 500 trophies, is the creator and driver of the monster truck Gravedigger.