James Spader, Candice Bergen and Cheri Oteri, <I>Boston Legal</i> James Spader, Candice Bergen and Cheri Oteri, Boston Legal

File this one under "Things That Made Matt Curious, So He Asked Around."

As revealed in ABC's November sweeps overview, the Nov. 17 episode of Boston Legal will guest-star SNL alumna Cheri Oteri as a woman who claims she was fired from her job because, among other reasons, she voted for John McCain in the presidential election.

Prime-time dramas typically film at least a month ahead of their air date — look to the left, and ABC even has episodic photos from the episode at hand — so this "timely" storyline begged the question: Would Boston Legal attempt to tell an election-centric story without once mentioning who actually was voted President of the United States more than two weeks earlier?

Though you couldn't fault the ABC dramedy (a "lame duck" itself, in the midst of its final, 13-episode season) for simply writing around that point of fact, the fact is they won't. Rather, on or around Nov. 5, once the election is (hopefully!) fait accompli, Boston Legal will film a scene referring to the actual outcome, to then be spliced into the final edit.

Now, you may be wondering: Will an episode revolving around a McCain vote be funnier in the wake of one particular election outcome versus the other? Sources tell me no, that the Oteri story line isn't so much about her character voting for McCain (versus Obama, or even Nader), but more her pattern of thinking.