Question: Is your idea of a vacation walking around the National Stationery Show at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center? Don't deny it, I saw you there on Sunday. Now how 'bout some Boston Legal casting scoop for next season? Every year, they discard most of the "below the marquee" talent.

Answer: Stationery show? I don't know what you're talking about. I already told you, I had a family emergency. You probably just saw someone with bushy eyebrows and assumed it was me. Now, regarding Boston Legal, the only "locks" for next season are James Spader and, surprisingly, Christian Clemenson. There are no deals currently in place for William Shatner or Candice Bergen to return, but everyone expects that to change in the next few weeks. As for the rest of the cast or the "below the marquee" talent, as you so aptly put it they should probably start looking for other work. If they haven't already.