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Will Pope Alexander (Jeremy Irons) die? That was the burning question fans of The Borgias were left with when the pope took a sip of poisoned wine and fell to the floor in the final moments of Season 2. The answer to that question, however, won't be so black and white.

"This episode gave us the great opportunity to allow Alexander to be in a state suspended between death and life," creator and executive producer Neil Jordan says of the Season 3 opener. Adds writer Guy Burt: "That's how I wanted to start Season 3 ... with 'The pope is dying. The pope is dying. What do we do?'"

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Fortunately, for Pope Alexander, his daughter may be able to concoct the cure to save him. "This season, Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger), through a whole series of plot devices, will begin to learn about the dark arts," Jordan says. But saving Pope Alexander will only be the beginning of the family's problems this season. "'We are at war' is very much the statement of intent for this season," Bert says. "This is the season where things are going to get bloody."

So who is the pope's family fighting this season? And what else is coming up? Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from The Borgias' Season 3 premiere:


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