<EM>The Boondocks</EM> The Boondocks

Bold even by late-night standards, The Boondocks is an animated adaptation of the satiric newspaper comic strip. Set to join Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block on Oct. 2, The Boondocks follows the adventures of Huey and Riley, brothers aged 10 and 8, as they move from Chicago's South Side to their grandfather's home in suburbia. TV Guide spoke with creator and executive producer Aaron McGruder, who calls the series "an R-rated black comedy in an anime style." That it includes ample usage of the N-word pretty much guarantees it will catch considerable flak this fall.

TV Guide: Who are your targets in the early shows?
Aaron McGruder:
We do a parody of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Pimp My Ride comes to the house. But we really don't target individuals. I can make fun of people in print because nobody reads. TV is a whole different thing.

TV Guide: But the show does have the subversive undertone of the strip.
The hope was that the strip would bring younger people and minorities to newspapers. I don't think that's happened. A lot of old white men read the strip. That's who reads newspapers now.

TV Guide: My guess is this will be the kind of show people will want to share with their friends because it's so bold and courageous.
Sometimes it's not about any of those lofty ideals. Sometimes it's just about being crazy.

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