On last week's Last Comic Standing, Bonnie McFarlane became the first funny person given the boot from the finalists' ha-ha hacienda. But, when talking with TV Guide Online, the California girl sounded more relieved than bereaved. Has she told so many jokes that the punch lines have left her punch-drunk? In anticipation of tonight's episode (airing at 9 pm/ET on NBC), you can read on and decide for yourself.

TV Guide Online: I'll make this as quick as possible.
Bonnie McFarlane:
I hope so. I've got things to do. I've got rice and beans with my name on it!

TVGO: Mmm... beans. On an unrelated note, John Heffron seemed to be really sweating during your head-to-head. Were you as surprised as I was that he wasn't eliminated instead of you?
Not really. I thought I had a pretty good set, but then they took me to my dressing room — you're not allowed to watch the other person's set. But I heard the laughter. It really was more than I got. I was like, "Okay, I guess I lost!" On some level, it was a relief. It was nerve-wracking being in the house.

TVGO: I bet. That Tammy Pescatelli was really gunnin' for you! Why didn't you challenge her instead of John?
People keep saying that to me, but I didn't know [she was being so two-faced]! She's got to be an incredible actress, because I had heart-to-hearts with her, which they never showed. [From the footage that aired], it looks like she totally hates me. But the day she said that not-nice [or printable!] thing about me at dinner, she'd had a really rough day, and I totally just brushed it off as her being a little sensitive. I even apologized to her and said I didn't mean to make her feel bad. Then we hung out together and joked around.

TVGO: That explains that. I can't wait to interview her.
When Kathleen Madigan was in Aspen, she came to me and said, "Kathleen thinks that we shouldn't vote for any of the girls because it would seem catty." And I really did think that three girls could make it to the top five, so I was elated. I said, "Yeah, let's not vote for each other. I'm totally on board with that." So when they both voted for me, [Jay Mohr] said, "Why wouldn't you take out a girl?" and I said, "Because it seems catty." I was basically throwing it back in Tammy's face, but [the audience didn't get it] because they never showed the part with her saying "Don't vote for women because it would seem catty!"

TVGO: Consider the record straightened. What was up with you saying you couldn't beat Kathleen in a head-to-head? It seemed like you were going, "Well, I'm in it, but I ain't gonna win it."
I never really thought about winning. I wanted to hopefully get on TV and be funny, so more people would see me and come to my shows. Then I'd make more money on the road and get more TV shows.

TVGO: How on Earth did you stand being in the same room as Todd Glass?
I think he's really funny. He's very deconstructionist. You have to understand comedy, and he breaks it down.

TVGO: Oh, I understand comedy all right.
When he was saying, "Everybody thinks I'm too 'on,' and I have to be not as 'on,'" he did that totally on purpose. He played games all the time which were really fun to play! I loved that Todd was there, because he was one of the only people who had a sense of humor.

TVGO: Uh-huh. But I still wanted to turn his volume down a notch or two.
That was probably in part the editing. He wasn't obnoxious. I mean, I wasn't around when he did "The Attention Song," but we're there for days and days, and there's nothing to do. There's no TV... one treadmill. You can't read a newspaper. We just all sat around. So when Todd did something that was funny, it was great! It was, like, "Thanks for being TV for us!"

TVGO: Since your anorexia bit went over so big, has Weight Watchers come around trying to get you to do endorsements?
[Laughs] That's funny!

TVGO: Told you I understood comedy! So what happened? Did Mary-Kate Olsen get the gig instead of you?
It would suck to be Ashley right now. She must be constantly going, "No, I'm not the anorexic one. I'm bulimic, she's anorexic."