Watching tonight's episode I couldn't help but think that

Prison Break's Lincoln Burrows could really use the help of Bones and her crew. Sure, the guy they were trying to save from death row tonight turned out to be a guilty-as-sin, twisted serial killer, but if he were innocent, Bones and Booth would have been able to figure that out lickety-split. They did have to give up their weekend, but aside from Angela, that didn't seem like a hardship for anyone. I

so felt for Angela  how dare her dopey date call her a freak? Rude. Loved that Zack's geeky genius totally came into play. Who else would connect all the weird numbers? And the dorky kid also can't drive too funny. Oh, and the best part of this show is the underlying sexy vibe between Booth and Bones. Their whole exchange about her wanting to have a gun was just perfectly timed, and the banter was great. When she was denied, he told her instead to use her "mutant powers to just talk them to death." Nice. But she did later force him to get his $1,200 suit mussed, so I guess they are evenish... for now.