Emily Deschanel, John Francis Daley Emily Deschanel, John Francis Daley

Love is in the air on Monday's Bones.

As Booth (David Boreanaz) prepares to testify before a Congressional sub-committee related to his possible promotion, Sweets (John Francis Daley) must step in and help Brennan (Emily Deschanel) with a murder investigation.

"Booth basically assigns Sweets the role of lead FBI agent on the case," John Francis Daley tells TVGuide.com. "Sweets is very excited about that because it gives him a chance to show his chops. He has pretty opinions of his own abilities."

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Unfortunately, not everyone else feels the same, including new squintern Jessica Watten (Laura Spencer). "He's so by-the-book that he gets mocked by pretty much everyone at the Jeffersonian and the FBI," Daley says. "The intern gives him the most grief and they clash a lot. She's a newbie at the Jeffersonian, and she questions every decision she makes, which he hates. Until he decides he likes it."

As the case progresses, so does Sweets and Jessica's  fling. But hasn't Sweets learned anything from his last relationship with a squintern? " Sweets will try to be resistant about inter-office relationships, but at the same time, he'll take it where he can get it," Daley says with a laugh. "This is his first since Daisy. I think it's refreshing for him to go into a new relationship, albeit one that's somewhat taboo."

However, as Sweets gets closer to Jessica, he may be stuck between her and Brennan, who don't necessarily approach their work the same way. "Brennan and Sweets have a little more in common than she would like to think," Daley says. "They're very logical in the decisions they make. They're straightforward and clinical. Jessica works from her gut and has feelings about things that aren't really proven. Brennan doesn't like that .

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"But there's a middle ground to everything," Daley continues. "From working with Brennan and Jessica, Sweets realizes you have to go somewhere in the middle of using just your head and just your gut."

Although Daley is unsure if the writers will continue Sweets and Jessica's relationship next season, he remains hopeful. As for the show's core couple, does Daley fear Booth's promotion (and what's being called a game-changing finale) could drastically alter the Booth-Brennan dynamic next season?

"Sweets has been the biggest supporter of the Booth-Brennan partnership," Daley says. "It would uproot a lot of things if Booth was to leave, but I don't know if Sweets is necessarily concerned that it's going to happen because he's seen firsthand how well Booth and Brennan go together."

Bones airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox. Watch past episodes here.