Was it a purposeful inside joke that David Denman , who plays Roy on The Office, said that he and his fiancé have "finally set a date"? If so, I'm sure it would have definitely gone over Bones' head. She doesn't even know what the board game Clue is. How could you not know that? Was she not a kid before her parents went missing? And Booth was happy to point out more of her lack of knowledge about pop culture: "You know Treasure of the Sierra Madre

, but you don't know Charlize Theron? You know who you are? You're my grandmother." I'd say the same, but I think even my nana knows who Charlize is. But Bones' is best when she's doin' her thing, and observing a truly underground counterculture is right up her alley. But sometimes I think she should learn to listen to her best pal Angela and not go running after potential murderers when she's unarmed and it is pitch black. Because even though we'd have little in common  she doesn't even own a TV (Yes, I'm still stuck on that)  I'm really starting to like her and I'd hate for anything bad to happen to her.