Eric Millegan by Kwaku Alston/Fox Eric Millegan by Kwaku Alston/Fox

Sure, he was nabbed in the season finale for being, well, the apprentice of a serial killer. But don't scratch Zack from the Jeffersonian's team of crime solvers just yet. As series creator Hart Hanson told me a while back, Eric Millegan will continue to appear on Fox's Bones, even though his alter ego now is behind bars. David Boreanaz tells, "Zack's not really going anywhere. We will see him again throughout Season 4, in certain circumstances."

First up, Boreanaz says, is "an episode where [Zack escapes] and actually helps us solve something - and then I have to go put him back in prison, which was pretty funny. I'm sure some people are upset about [him being revealed as the Gormogon's assistant], but.... where Zack is right now benefits the show in some ways."

Plus, Boreanaz says, the why and how of Zack's criminal leanings "will be explained a little bit deeper when Zack comes back."

Bones kicks off Season 4 Wednesday at 8 pm/ET, with a two-hour jaunt to the U.K. Watch for Zack to first resurface in a late-September episode. - Matt Mitovich

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