I was so excited that I actually got to watch Bones on its proper night. There is usually a dual conflict with

Lost and Veronica Mars, and a girl can only watch so much at the same time, ya know? And while I'm pleased as punch that this show is still on the air and has really found its groove, this particular episode was lacking a lot of the banter that I've come to adore. But watching Brennan take down a suspect and gleefully announcing "I feel like kicking him" was rather entertaining. But the best part of the night was the stern Dr. Goodman basically threatening the insubordinate Hodgins. "Your primary job is to do as I say. Failing that, your job is to fool me. You failed to fool me, Dr. Hodgins." And that was before he really tore into him and explained politely all the ways that he could torture him. Oh, and I still don't trust that Jesse Kane. Maybe he didn't murder his father, but when he tried to put the moves on Brennan, I was annoyed. There is something a little too smooth about that character and I get the sneaking suspicion that we haven't seen the last of him.