Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz by Jay Maidment/Fox Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz by Jay Maidment/Fox

Will they or won't they? That's the question on the mind of many a Bones fan hoping for a Brennan-Booth hook-up. And maybe they will get one this season - in one form or another. But first, the duo will jaunt across the pond, where the Fox series filmed tonight's two-hour season opener.

"It was a bit chaotic and crazy in London," David Boreanaz, aka Booth, tells TVGuide.com "There is definitely a following with the show [so] when I would leave my hotel room or go out for a run, it was a bit nuts. But other than that, it was OK."

Visiting the U.K. to speak to Oxford and Scotland Yard, respectively, Bones and Booth get pulled into a murder mystery concerning an American socialite. They are invited to share their expertise by their British counterparts, the twist being that the FBI agent is female, while the forensics pro is a bloke. As Bones and her peer talk shop, a romance sparks. That leads to moments where Booth tries to subvert his "rival's" bid to bed Bones.

Asked to assess the Bones-Booth romantic tension, Boreanaz proudly says, "We honor and we really support the character work which kind of makes us different from other procedurals out there. We balance it out with the procedural [aspects] and the case. Again, the characters will get closer... and then far away."

OK, let's talk for a moment about the closer possibilities. "I know [series creator] Hart [Hanson] has some ideas for fantasy episodes and getting [Booth and Bones] in bed to some extent," Boreanaz teases. But turning to reality, he says this season also will show the partners "really supporting each other, and maybe go into Booth's past a little bit, seeing where he came from and how that affects his relationship with [Brennan]."

Specifically, Boreanaz says we will see where Booth is living this year "and how he lives." Ideally, the actor hopes to explore how "Booth is, on the outside, very charming - he has all of his shields up - but he was an Army ranger. A sniper. It would be nice to see how he gets ready in the morning, how difficult it is for him. Because when you do see him, he's always on the move." - Matt Mitovich

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