Brendan Fehr and Emily Deschanel, <I>Bones</i> Brendan Fehr and Emily Deschanel, Bones

On the Nov. 12 episode of Bones, Brennan will meet Booth's younger brother. From there, life on (and off) the Jeffersonian may never be the same.

Played by Roswell alum Brendan Fehr, Jared Booth will get Temperance's temperature rising. But at the end of the day, it may be the studly sibling who pushes one of TV's most star-crossed couples even closer together.

"There's a spark between Brennan and little brother Booth," series creator Hart Hanson tells "Since she in her own mind can't have the older Booth, maybe this younger one is a good ersatz copy. But that turns out not to be true."

So although there are some romantic Jared-Temp dates and canoodling along the way, the primary purpose of Seeley's sib is "to shed some light on Booth, who's a guarded character," says Hanson. "For all his affability, you don't actually find out much about him. This is another way into that, and it will be fun."

It will also, as no small by-product, bring Brennan to a much greater understanding of her longtime partner's background, paving the way for a deeper bond.

Interestingly, Jared almost came knocking on his big bro's door last spring. That plan got waylaid by the WGA strike's intrusion.

"We were looking forward to bringing Booth's family [on] toward the end of Season 3," says Hanson, "but that was one of the decisions we made when we came back for such a short period of time, to let it play out better in Season 4."