Megan Linz, <EM>The Amazing Race</EM> Megan Linz, The Amazing Race
It was a very bizarre Christmas at the Jeffersonian. The squint squad was trapped inside the facility because of some scary disease, or as Booth said, "Nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus." But the biggest surprise didn't come wrapped with a bow. In a euphoric drugged state, Booth admitted that he had a 4-year-old son and that the kid's mom had refused to marry him. He seemed devastated by Bones' insensitive speech about unwed parents. But then he was charmed at finally getting to be the cool dad with Zack's wacky robot. I knew he was a big softie. And Bones didn't know she was being harsh with all her "Christmas killer" conversations and babbling on and on about meaningless presents and the Christmas myth  it's just that she lost her parents right before the holidays. I even got a little choked up when she had to watch everyone else reunite with their families and she was all alone. And even though Angela doesn't want to talk about the fact that her oh-so-familiar dad is the front man for ZZ Top, it is still pretty darn cool. And Angela was so into sharing the holiday spirit that she was even willing to kiss Bones under the mistletoe, in a "festive nonlesbian way." I just love the snappy dialogue and great references  especially because they fly right over Bones' head. Tonight there was a Star Wars

mention, the Grinch and Firefly

. But the biggest holiday gift that this show gave me was having Mr. Boreanaz in his boxers and then having him do chin-ups. Nice!