Returns: Monday, April 14 at 8 pm/ET (Fox) Number of new episodes: 6

Where we left off: "Bones" and Booth uncovered murderers, cannibals, '60s radicals and S and M cults, though serial killer Gormogon remained at large. Meanwhile, Angela searched for her husband in order to procure a hasty divorce and marry Jack. What's next: Facing an abbreviated schedule, the producers have focused on paying off big plotlines. The Gormogon story, says exec producer Hart Hanson, has "a shocking and unexpected finale." And Angela finally finds her husband, though "merry mix-ups will ensue." Nice casting, dawg: Former American Idol contestants Ace Young and Brandon Rogers appear in one episode as talent-night contestants at a local eatery. Hanson also hopes to shoot in England with former regular Stephen Fry and some yet-to-be-booked Brits. "I'd love to get Prince Harry," he jokes. Hey, now that he's back from Afghanistan, maybe he's available. Watch full episodes | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage