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In a first for daytime drama, CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful went all the way to the Middle East for the wedding of Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer (Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont, pictured below). The exotic adventure, shot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, airs May 23 through June 3 and includes an uninvited guest — Brooke's ex-hubby Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), who is determined to stop the I do's. In a wet-and-wild twist, Ridge falls out of a helicopter and into the Persian Gulf and disappears. But is it before or after he gets to the ceremony? Kaye told TV Guide Magazine all about it. Well, almost all.

TV Guide Magazine: So what's it like shooting in the United Arab Emirates?
Kaye: It's gorgeous and spectacular but a strange part of the world. Modern Dubai has only existed for 20 years, so absolutely everything is brand new. It's kind of like Walt Disney World. There's always somebody picking up gum. I prefer the down-and-dirty stuff. I went to a couple of their outdoor markets, hoping to bring home some really cool old stuff. [Laughs] But I was the oldest thing there.

TV Guide Magazine: Soaps stopped going on exotic remotes years ago due to budget cuts, but not B&B. Why are you guys the exception?
Kaye: It's all [executive producer] Brad Bell. That fellow is a breath of fresh air in the soap-opera business. He does what's right for the moment. He's very unique in that respect and doesn't have to answer to too many people. The only reason we went to the Middle East is that Katherine Kelly Lang got invited to take part in a triathlon over there. And Brad's, like, "Why don't we all go?" And good for him! He's a great host who treated us magnificently and took us to fancy places I'd never be allowed to go otherwise. It was a great few days.

TV Guide Magazine: We won't spoil whether or not Ridge gets to the ceremony in time to stop it, but why does he give a damn about this marriage? Brooke is supposed to be ancient history. Isn't Bill doing Ridge a favor by taking Brooke off his hands?
Kaye: Ridge doesn't like sharing toys. Not now. Not ever. He still wants what's best for Brooke, and Bill certainly ain't it. Also, Ridge is now in possession of that selfie Quinn [Rena Sofer] took of her and Bill having sex. Sticking with our Dubai theme, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

TV Guide Magazine: This doesn't look good for Ridge's fiancée, Katie [Heather Tom], who also happens to be Brooke's sister. Why would she put up with this?
Kaye: It does look pretty bad, doesn't it? And I hope the writers do something with that because Katie is an incredibly strong woman. Why would she put up with her man flying halfway across the world to stop a woman he's supposedly over from getting on with her life? [Laughs] I don't blame Katie for being pissed!

TV Guide Magazine: Last time we talked, you had just been cast as Ridge, which at the time was hugely shocking news. But it all worked out pretty damn well. Do you think this will encourage others soaps to recast more boldly?
Kaye: And beautifully? I'm not even in the same ballpark as [the original Ridge] Ronn Moss, so my hats off to Brad for having the nerve to give me the part. [Laughs] I wouldn't have cast me in a million years! It was a huge risk and it really could have backfired. And I do have my haters!

TV Guide Magazine: How do you know? You run from social media!
Kaye: I stay as far away from the Internet as I can, except for sports and porno. Uh, I mean, except for sports. But that doesn't mean people don't tell me what's being said. I can be minding my own business having a good day and people will stop me on the street and say, "Hey, I read somewhere that people think you look like a fat, homeless person compared to Ronn Moss!" [Laughs] What am I supposed to do with that information? So, yeah, I stay far away from all that stuff. I'm thrilled to be on B&B. So far, it seems to be working. I understand most of the words in the script. The checks keep coming in the mail. I'm supporting my family. They're happy. I'm happy. Who the hell needs Twitter?  

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