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The stars of daytime's No. 2 soap are about to get a big dose of reality: On September 7, CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful will start broadcasting in high definition, a development "that will take our show to a whole new look and level," exec producer Brad Bell tells TV Guide Magazine. "We knew back when we did all that CGI work on the Brookeberries story that it would have been so much better in high-def. Now we've got what we need to really move the show forward. And it's about time because, globally, you need to be high-def. It's now expected that you deliver your product that way." (B&B is the most widely seen daily drama in the world.)

Bell adds that he's "currently at work scripting a fashion show and some unique location footage to kick off the new look." But are the B&B divas ready for this new and notoriously unforgiving format? (Who can forget the great Jeanne Cooper griping from the Emmy stage that high-def is "a bitch" when she won her best actress trophy?) "I'm not sure our cast members know this is happening yet," notes Bell with a sheepish laugh. "But I think our guys will probably be just fine with it!"

Bell also gave us some very cool (as in very hot!) scoop for fall. Look for Taylor (Hunter Tylo) — still pissed off that she was dumped at the altar — to find herself in a new and major position of power. "She's going to emerge as a real player in the Forrester family," says Bell. "She's sick of being a loser and is ready to put up a fight for herself and her children. Stephanie [Susan Flannery] made a critical error when she promised 25 percent of Forrester Creations to Thomas [Adam Gregory] and she wants to take it back. Only Thomas doesn't want to give it back. This is an inheritance that was supposed to go to Thorne [Winsor Harmon] and Felicia [Lesli Kay] and it's going to spark a huge feud within the family. There are a lot of characters on this show who have been getting the short end of the stick and they are determined to see that change."

For a while, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Ronn Moss) will remain in bliss mode. "They've found each other again, Ridge is running the company and they are content at the top of the food chain," Bell says. "What they don't know is that there is trouble brewing across town with Taylor and her group and that they're headed toward a whole new kind of rivalry."

Meanwhile, control freak Stephanie will set her sights on the show's younger generation — specifically Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Kimberly Matula). "She'll be watching both of the girls very closely and deciding which one she will support and put her energy behind," says Bell.

Also look for Steffy and Hope to compete for Liam (Scott Clifton), even though Steffy currently has her sights set on Liam's dad, Bill (Don Diamont). "Bill is so strong and powerful in so many ways but when it comes to women he's emotionally immature and still finding his way," Bell says. "He was just so wowed by Steffy — she has Bill Spencer-size balls and is the female counterpart to him — but something's going to happen that will make Bill realize he still loves his wife Katie [Heather Tom]." (We'll have more on that juicy development next week!)

Is there any hope for fan fave Jack Wagner (Nick), the man without a love interest or a storyline? Apparently so. "Bill is going to approach Nick about being a partner at Jackie M," says Bell. "We're also working on a new leading lady for Jack. I've reached out to an actress — someone you know very well — but it's too soon to say anything because nothing has been signed. If it works out, it's going to be terrific!"

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