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A new member of the team! A new man in her life! For Body of Proof's prickly protagonist Megan Hunt (Dana Delany), learning that her boss is dating her ex-husband in the Season 1 finale was just the tip of the iceberg. Here are six things you need to know for the new season:

6. There's a new girl in town: Season 2 will introduce a new employee, Dani (Nathalie Kelley), who drives the van for the medical examiner's office. "I think they did a great job [casting] because what you notice is the people who work in the morgue are not what you'd expect," Delany tells "They're often covered in tattoos and kind of hip, groovy, interesting people that work in a morgue, and that's what she's like. She's kind of a hipster, tattooed bit of a punk and she's a possible love interest for a couple of the guys."

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5. Watch out for messy office politics: "There's a couple of episodes coming up ... that I'm really excited about that have to do with the political dynamics between the two departments and creating rifts between the two departments and making people choose," John Carroll Lynch says. In the midst of this division between the police department and the medical examiner's office, viewers may also get to see a different side of boss Kate (Jeri Ryan) as she becomes more involved with the cases this season. "I suspect this season we'll see more of her political ambition and more of her political ties," Ryan says, "but I don't know exactly how that's going to play out."

4. A Mother of the Year Award is not in Megan's future: Megan made major progress last season in repairing her relationship with her daughter, Lacey (Mary Mouser), but it may be a case of one step forward, two steps back. "I think it's going to be push-pull like any mother-daughter relationship," Delany says. "I like the fact that Megan's clueless when it comes to her daughter. She's so smart at every other aspect of her life except for personal relationships. And she doesn't know how to act and she's kind of vulnerable and childlike in that area, so Lacey ends up having to be the adult in many ways." Delany, for one, is betting against Megan. "I hope that she's not completely successful because then that leads to more drama and comedy."

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3. Megan's family is about to get more dysfunctional: Season 2 picks up right after the shocking revelation of last season's finale — when Megan learns that her ex-husband is dating Kate. "I think she's trying hard to accept it, but not doing very well at that," Delany says. Things are also complicated for Kate because of her lack of parental experience. "Everyone in the office has to deal with the repercussions of that — even those not directly involved," Ryan says. "Kate then finds herself thrown into the middle of this already very tense and uncomfortable family dynamic, which she had no interest in being in the middle of, and it involves a teenage girl as well. So it's very awkward and everybody's trying to find their footing in this new dynamic."

2. Kate isn't the only one getting romanced: Look for both Peter (Nicholas Bishop) and Megan to take dips in the dating pool. Megan will find a possible love interest in FBI agent Derek Ames, played by Cliff Curtis, while Peter will be a little harder to pin down. "They're turning Peter into a bit of a playa so he's dating a lot and going out with a lot of chicks. Chicks are throwing themselves at him," Delany says. "Megan's a little like, 'Hm, I didn't really know he was that hot.' So I think that starts stirring things up." That jealously will be mutual when Derek enters Megan's life.

1. Don't hold your breath for Megan and Peter: Yes, the crime-solving duo will feel the pangs of jealously, but both Delany and Bishop admit pairing their characters together feels a little been there, done that. Not to mention, as Bishop points out, their hookup would make the medical examiner's office "hell on wheels" for everyone. "Very early on, the creators, the producers and the writers decided that we weren't going to do that. Never say never — there's always a little flirtation and whatever. But I think it's just more interesting to have the relationship that we have," he says. "He's her conscience. He's the guy who — apart from her daughter — can turn around and say whether she's behaving badly."

Body of Proof returns on Tuesday at 10/9c on ABC.