Dana Delany and Mark Valley Dana Delany and Mark Valley

He's played hotshot lawyers (Boston Legal, Harry's Law) and action heroes (Fringe, Human Target). Now Mark Valley has found a comfy home somewhere in between as Dana Delany's crime-fighting foil on Body of Proof. When ABC's retooled procedural returns in early 2013, Valley will be front and center as a man from medical examiner Megan Hunt's past. 

"My character is a detective named Tommy Sullivan," says Valley, who underwent police and firearms training. "He and Megan were together, like, 20 years earlier." Adds Delany, "He knows a side of her that no one else knows. The side that got her heart broken." 

Tommy is reassigned from New York to Megan's beat in Philly. "He always wondered what could have happened if they'd stayed together, so he accepts this reassignment to surprise her," says Valley. "He wants to start things over again." Unfortunately, Megan isn't so easily swayed. "She's still wounded and mad at him for screwing around with somebody else," says Delany. "She's not going to let him in until she trusts him again."

In other words, expect the show to adapt the popular "Will they or won't they?" dynamic that's worked so well on Castle and Bones. But the series won't turn all mushy, assures Valley. "We have an episode coming up where I get to break a guy's arm. I'm excited because I haven't done that in a while. I thought I could put my kneepads away, but now I get to dust them off!"

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