When Tina and Bob team up for the Thundergirls cardboard boat race in Sunday's Bob's Burgers, their plans for some cheery father-daughter bonding run into a few obstacles. As if Bob's inability to use tape (a building block for building a cardboard boat) wasn't bad enough, when Bob and Tina show up to the Thundergirls boat race meeting they're shocked to find Tina's old foes Troop 257 are among their competition. In this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's episode, "Motor, She Boat," the conniving troop Tina exposed in Season 7 as the cookie sale scammers resurface, and they look tougher than ever.

"Wow. They're really scary, huh. Does that one have a tear drop tattoo?" Bob asks.

"Yeah, she draws it on before meetings," Tina explains. "At least, I think she draws it on."

In addition to watching Tina face off with Troop 257 again, Sunday's episode will also feature Linda dragging Louise and Gene to a fire station open house where the Belcher matriarch (predictably) overstays her welcome.

Bob's Burgers airs Sundays at 9/8c on Fox.