Will it be George? Mark? Jm. J Bullock? Whomever The Price Is Right decision-makers wind up tapping to fill Bob Barker's shoes, the retiring game show legend will have had no say in the matter. "I haven't asked to be involved, and they have not asked for my advice," he tells the Toronto Sun. Confirming that George Hamilton got a look-see, as well as (yeah, you would have to think) younger folk, Barker says at least one, undisclosed) name recently entered the mix. But it's not Rosie's. "[She] wants the show," Barker notes, "but I don't think they're considering a woman."

As for who will inherit his pet population-controlling sign-off, Barker hopes that another daytime fave, Dr. Phil, will grab the baton - though he wasn't the first choice. "When Katie Couric was trying to figure out how to end [her Evening Newscasts], I told her how," he shares. "But, uh, she turned me down."