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It's getting to be a real Mob scene on Boardwalk Empire. TV Guide Magazine caught up with the crime drama's new blood at this week's red-carpet premiere party in NYC.


Where you've seen him before: The Wire, Entourage

Who he's playing: Ralph Capone

HBO veteran Lombardozzi is staying in the family — literally. He'll play Al Capone's brother, alongside the other new Capone bro, Frank (Morgan Spector). Al enlists his sibs in his quest to make a name for himself in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, Illinois. "I'm there to help Al's new business," says Lombardozzi. "It's the beginning of that empire. I'm a lot of trouble."


Where you've seen her before: Medium, True Romance

Who she's playing: Sally Wheet

Nucky meets Sally Wheet, a speakeasy owner, in Tampa, after he flees for Florida to look into new business opportunities. Nucky's reluctant to invest in the Sunshine State until he meets Sally, who delivers the new season's best line: "Anybody who says money can't buy you happiness doesn't know where to shop." "She's a bit of a broad," Arquette says. "Sally would do things that [Medium's] Allison would not."


Where you've seen him before: Sex and the City, Office Space

Who he's playing: Roy Phillips

A love interest for Gillian (Gretchen Mol), Roy Phillips is a grocery-store exec with PigglyWiggly who's looking to merge with A&P. "He's more of a straight, legitimate, well-to-do Midwestern businessman who happens to make the acquaintance of Gillian Darmody," says Livingston. "The two of them are a bit of unlikely companions, but it allows for a way to see her character through some fresh eyes. He's somebody who really doesn't know her past."


Where you've seen him before: Casino Royale, Angels in America

Who he's playing: Valentin Narcisse

Dr. Valentin Narcisse is a Bible-quoting crime lord straight out of Harlem. He battles Chalky White (Michael K. Williams) for the services of badass henchman Dunn Purnsley (Eric LaRay Harvey) — and the affections of the lovely chanteuse Daughter Maitland (Margot Bingham). "My guy has a lot of people within his sights," says Wright. "He's not limited within his ambitions." Could Valentin replace the late Gyp Rosetti (Emmy nominee Bobby Cannavale) as this season's big baddie? Teases Wright, "Oh, I would say, he's a very pleasant guy, but not very nice at all."


Where you've seen him before: The Killing, Mad Men

Who he's playing: J. Edgar Hoover

Ladin is first introduced in Episode 2 as J. Edgar Hoover, the acting director of FBI. "J. Edgar is a pretty complex character," he says of the notorious cross-dressing crimebuster. "As you could imagine, as the head of the FBI, I'm on opposite sides as Nucky and the rest of the troops so I'm going after the bad guys." Ladin also works alongside another new cast member, Brian Geraghty (Flight) who plays the not-as-innocent-as-he-seems fed Warren Knox. "I can say this with full sincerity," Ladin says. "Brian is one of the best we've all worked with. We've gotten to be very close friends. He's fantastic."

Boardwalk Empire's fourth season premieres Sunday, Sept. 9 at 10/9c on HBO.

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