Paz de la Huerta Paz de la Huerta

Cheers to Paz de la Huerta for showing off a new side of herself on Boardwalk Empire.

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In Season 1 of HBO's Atlantic City gangland epic, de la Huerta's character, woozy showgirl Lucy Danziger was notable mostly for her frequent nudity. Now that she's carrying the illegitimate child of fed Nelson Van Alden (the Emmy-worthy Michael Shannon), the role is pregnant with possibilities.

She's not the only Boardwalk denizen with newfound great expectations. Kelly Macdonald's Margaret Schroeder is displaying a heretofore unseen steeliness as partner — in crime, as well as otherwise — to embattled treasurer Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi). And in his quest to usurp power back from onetime protégé Nucky, Dabney Coleman's Commodore is proving that whatever didn't kill him made him stronger.

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