Nick Turturro and Will Estes Nick Turturro and Will Estes

A Blue Bloods spin-off?

There isn't one in the works, but that hasn't stopped fans from suggesting one to Will Estes and Nicholas Turturro.

"A lot of people come up to us and go, 'You guys should have a spin-off!'" Turturro tells "I'm not saying now, but hey — The Reagan and Renzulli Show? I'd watch it! But in all seriousness, we take it as a compliment that they are such fans of us."

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While the CBS drama focuses on the Reagans, New York's finest crime-fighting family, headed by Tom Selleck

, it's Turturro's and Estes' odd couple pairing of training officer Sgt. Anthony Renzulli and rookie cop Jamie Reagan that's stealing the show week in and week out. Between their comic-relief scenes — like collaring guys in hot dog costumes — Renzulli's wisecracks, Jamie's wet-behind-the-ears earnestness and their effortless rapport, it's easy to see why fans are yearning for more. "We have a great chemistry," Estes says. "You can never tell if [partnerships] like this will work well, but we developed an interesting dynamic between us. I'm a Harvard grad and dad is the commissioner. He comes from a place of privilege. Nick's character comes from a place of great experience. I respect his experience and don't try to cut him down with where I come from or my education. I think he in turn respects that I don't do that and we've earned this mutual respect in the face of us being two totally different characters."Renzulli and Jamie are usually off on their own beat; therefore, Turturro and Estes have most of their scenes with each other. The same is true on Friday's episode, in which they try to catch a kid who vandalizes a storefront with graffiti. (The "A" story line for Danny and Jackie is a dead girl at a debutante ball.) With so much one-on-one time, chemistry is not the only requirement. "Me and Will, we've become friends, too," Turturro says. "I think that's most important. You like each other and we have a lot a great time together."

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In between takes of chasing down the graffiti offender, the two, both quiet and friendly, chat up a storm during their lunch break, take pictures with fans and crack jokes about Turturro's faux police radio that keeps falling off during every chase take. "We have a lot of fun. It also helps that we tend to get the more comedic elements," Turturro says. Their lighter scenes certainly provide more laughs, but Estes and Tuturro want to tackle heavier material as Renzulli and Jamie's partnership deepens. After all, Jamie is not going to be a rookie forever."[Renzulli's] the boss, but he's allowed me to step up and make a couple calls. I've made the right ones a few times and he's seen that," Estes says. "I think they see each other as partners now after all the time they've spent together."Their professional obligations withstanding, Turturro also would like to see the duo bond on a personal level. Lately, it's Renzulli, gregarious as ever, complaining to Jamie about his wife, but the rookie — still in the midst of the Blue Templar investigation — has been more guarded. "It'd be nice for him to say, 'Hey, you know, I have my family, but I know I can trust you.' I think that would be very believable," Turturro says. "We had a nice scene a few weeks ago. Something happened with his dad and he wanted to help out. He said to me, 'I'm just on the beat with you.' It's like, 'Hey, I've been doing this job a lot longer than you. How do you think that makes me feel?' It was a nice moment. I think he trusts him, but that trust is growing."

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Of course, all the future talk is moot as Blue Bloods hasn't been renewed yet for a second season yet — though its healthy numbers on Wednesdays and Fridays put it in good standing. Both actors hope a pick-up is imminent."That'd be great. Right now, we just want to make the show good," Estes says. "Maybe if Blue Bloods finishes in nine years, Nick and I will do a spin-off!"