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Putting out an APB: Blue Bloods is back with new episodes. After reviving Friday-night TV with its solid ratings, the freshman drama about a multi-generational family of New York cops moves to Wednesdays starting tonight. Will Estes, who plays youngest son and rookie cop Jamie Reagan, gives us the lowdown.

TV Guide Magazine: What does the cast think of the move to Wednesdays?
Estes: It's for four weeks, but there's talk of staying if we do really well. It's positive either way.

TV Guide Magazine: Where does Jamie's story line pick up?
Estes: I end up getting some news about one of the people I'm investigating regarding my brother Joe's death. It's a serious bit of news, so it ups the stakes.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the deal with the secretive Blue Templar, which Jamie's being pressured to investigate?
Estes: I have reason to believe my grandfather was involved, but you don't know to what extent.

TV Guide Magazine: Now that Jamie's engagement is off, how long will he be single?
Estes: I'm not sure. He's spending more time with his grandfather. They don't know what to do on a Friday or Saturday night, so they hang out — it's funny!

Blue Bloods airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS.

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