Blood, Sweat and Heels Blood, Sweat and Heels

Bravo recently released the a promo for the long-awaited new season of The Real Housewives of New York City, but first a new clique of ladies will be taking over the Big Apple. Blood, Sweat and Heels (premiering Sunday, Jan. 5 at 9/8c on Bravo) follows a group of six successful women who climb the professional ranks — and social circles — of Manhattan's elite. Meet the ladies.

Daisy Lewellyn, style expert, TV personality and author
TV Guide Magazine: How do you bring in the big bucks?
Daisy: It's my job to help women pull out their inner celebrity no matter their body type or budget. I do this on shows like Wendy Williams and Dr. Oz, performing drab-to-fab makeovers on real women."

TV Guide Magazine: How do you expect the audience to receive you this season?
Daisy: You will see that although I do work in fashion, it's not just champagne days and Louboutin nights. I work really hard.

Geneva Thomas, style and pop culture journalist
TV Guide Magazine: Will we see any catfights on the show?
Geneva: You'll see my relationship, at times, implode with some of the women. As the youngest on the cast, I definitely went from really trusting to being disappointed and embarrassed by some of their manipulations.

Melyssa Ford, real estate agent
TV Guide Magazine: How do you bring in the big bucks?
Melyssa: I'm in the process of redefining myself by breaking from the entertainment industry [as a frequent model in music videos] and diving head first into the real estate industry. But I define myself as a Renaissance woman.

TV Guide Magazine: What can expect from you this season?
Melyssa: Drama, drama, drama! I attempt to solve the many conflicts that arise within the group.

Demetria Lucas, journalist, blogger
TV Guide Magazine: What milestones will we see this season?
Demetria: I celebrate my seventh anniversary as an award-winning blogger, and I begin planning a wedding with my fiancé. The biggest hurdle for me is trying to balance my career and wedding planning.

Mica Hughes, model
TV Guide Magazine: What kind of relationship woes — either friendly or romantic — will we see on the show?
Mica: You'll see me go through a traumatic family loss and relationship challenges with my live-in boyfriend. I did not enjoy the judgmental nature of some of the girls.

Brie Bythewood, real estate developer
TV Guide Magazine: How do you bring in the big bucks?
Brie: I'm a one stop shop for all facets of real estate, from investing and building to buying and renting.

TV Guide Magazine: How do you think viewers will define you through the season?
Brie: A lady when needed, and a bitch when need be.

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