One of the major questions continuously being asked in Season 2 of Blindspot is, "What in heaven's name is wrong with that psycho Roman (Luke Mitchell)?" Jane's brother, a former Sandstorm operative, had his memory wiped but somehow still remembers that he is a volatile mess prone to emotional explosions and the occasional murder.

However, as a former bad guy he's a vital piece of the FBI's efforts to stop Sandstorm... if they can just figure out how to use him correctly.

Here's a tip for the FBI from yours truly: Don't take Roman to important meetings where you're undercover. As you'll see in the exclusive clip above, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) — looking pretty hilarious in his undercover getup as well (what is that, middle-school history teacher?) — drags Roman into a meetup with someone important and, well, Roman does what Roman does.

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Hey FBI, if you need someone to step up to tell you what absolutely shouldn't be doing, I'm available!

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