It's no secret that a little Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) — the fan-favorite con man whose work occasionally intertwines with the FBI's — makes Blindspot a whole lot better. But could we be seeing more of Rich outside of the occasional drop-in?

In an upcoming episode, Rich will work directly with the team on a dangerous mission dealing with members of his shady past. But this isn't a ruse or Rich trying to seek protection from an assassin, like in his previous episodes. This is Rich working side by side with Weller (Sullivan Stapleton)... as a partner.

So what's going on here? Could Rich finally be joining the FBI team as a special consultant, like in all of our fan-fic?

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Whether he does (or not), we'll learn more about Rich's complicated — and tragic — backstory, and we'll find out that a former pal of Rich's has ties to Sandstorm. Hm, that might complicate the whole "joining the team" thing...

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