Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) is in a sticky situation on NBC's Blindspot — and it's possible he may take his partner Tasha (Audrey Esparza) down with him.

Though it's never clearly stated that Reade killed his former coach Mike Jones — who may have sexually abused him as a child — it sure looked that way at the end of last week's episode, when Tasha walked into Jones' house and saw Reade standing over his dead body. So what's Tasha to do: help her partner and friend out, even though he may be a killer, or slap some cuffs on Reade and bring him to justice?

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"She's put in a difficult spot. ... The optics of what she walks in on are not positive for anybody," Brown tells TVGuide.com. "So she goes into damage control, because anyone who walks in there is in the mix."

Is "damage control" trying to get Reade off with as little punishment as possible, or is it trying to get him off with nothing by covering up the crime? Let's just say that Tasha commits a cardinal sin an officer of the law should never commit, and it may end up putting her in just as much hot water as Reade.

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